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is a new combinatorial puzzle. Although on first glance Gurami looks like Sudoku with triangles instead of squares, it offers a whole new riddle experience.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Friedrich Bauch has been analyzing mathematical triangle and hexagon puzzles since 1989. Dr. Klaus-Peter Rudolph develops board games since 2007. At the beginning of this book they outline construction, analogies and differences between different number-placement puzzles. The research on these shape puzzles by Hans-Friedrich Bauch inspired Klaus-Peter Rudolph to create the Gurami puzzles.

This book contains 60 brainteasers and a few introductory hints on how to take advantage of the unique triangle structure of Gurami. It's in German language and can be ordered online (German site)


The numbers from the table have to be put into the triangles in accordance with the following rules:

  1. In the white triangles every number from 1 to 8 appears exactly once.
  2. In the gray triangles every number from 1 to 8 appears exactly once.
  3. Every horizontal, upward and downward stripe fulfills the following condition:

    The sum of the numbers in the gray triangles equals
    the sum of the numbers in the white triangles.
horizontal stripes                   upward stripes                   downward stripes      
Print out the jpg-files below or download Gurami_5-Aufgaben.pdf (600 kb)

Gurami - das neue Zahlenrätsel

Gurami - das neue Zahlenrätsel

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